Thursday, May 19, 2011

Radio Mosoj Chaski 3310Khz

It was late evening yesterday, the sun is going down, but it's still pretty light out yet, and I'm about to head out the door. I had my receiver on Voice of Russia up on 31 meters and before pushed the power button, I made a quick sweep across 90 meters, not expecting to find anything at all when ... WHOA! Here's Radio Mosoj Chaski from Cochabamba, Brazil on 3310khz, and their running S9! They were totally unexpected, but my location was right on the terminator of the grey line, so it shouldn't be that surprising. They only run 8Kw and have a low antenna, so this is a real treat. As the minutes passed by, their signal got weaker. So, here's your tip: don't wait until total darkness at your QTH to scan the lower bands, signals will often peak before your sunset! Here's the video I made:

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