Wednesday, February 4, 2015

New QTH!

This is my first posting from my new QTH. I've only moved some 25 miles from my previous location where I DXed for 40 years, but the band scans are different enough that I can start all over and get busy on my next 40 years.

Yes, the house is small, the lot is small, the trees are small, a complete switch from my old location that was an old farm house on 1/2 acre lot with a 225 year old oak tree in the back and an 80 foot pine tree in the front. The upside is that I'm just a few miles from 1,000s of acres of public land, so the possibilities are endless.  The challenge is on.  Here's a view out my back window.

One of the first things I did was to run a wire out onto the frozen lake. Just 200 feet at first, then 400 feet. My "Ice Bog" antenna (Beverage On Ground). Naturally, on most of HF it works horribly, but on the AM BCB band, it works great. Here's what I was hearing that first night, Cuba's Radio Rebelde on several frequencies, and Colombia heard over a much closer WJR in Detroit!No, I don't understand Spanish, but I did pick out "La Radio" which is enough to identify that station as RCN (Radio Cadena Nacional, "National Radio Network") out of Barranquilla, Colombia.

Since then, the weather warmed up and the ice has been too thin right here to venture out, but perhaps this next weekend I'll give it another go.  Until then, I've been doing the best I can with an indoor antenna, fighting electronic noises in the house. Yet, I have heard some interesting things, more on that next time!

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