Friday, May 13, 2011

Radio Argentina Exterior

The QRN levels on HF are finally down to where I can tune 25 meters at least. 31 meters and down are just plain useless however. I heard the usual suspects tonight with perhaps slightly lower signals than a few days ago. Radio Brasil Central was the clear winner.

May14, 2011
0052z    11765khz Super Radio Deus e Amor in Portuguese from Curitiba, Brazil. G S8 with some 11760khz Cuba slop.
0055z    11710khz Radio Argentina Exterior with interval signal for full 5 mins before start of broadcast. G S8. A little slop from 11700khz. Ident in multiple languages, then programming in Japanese. Exact freq. is 11710.47khz, off from their published 11711khz.
0115z    11815khz Radio Brasil Central in Portuguese from Goiania, Brazil G S7. Very listenable with nice music.
0210z     11925khz Radio Bandeirantes in Portuguese from Sao Paolo, Brazil P-F S3 with QRN but no QRM. Not so good at this time due to weak sigs.
0220z    11780khz Radio National de Amazonia in Portuguese from Brasilia, Brasil. G S8

Overall, signals were good at 0100z but by 0230z all of the South Americans were down in the mud. Not sure why.



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