Sunday, February 8, 2015

VOA Phillipines and Rwanda Long path

So, it's 9am local time and I'm tuning around and I park on a station that sounds far away and is in a language that I'm guessing is Japanese. I set the GoPro and let it record. I don't have the computer on because all that electronics causes too much interference on my radio, so later on I fire it up and find out what I had. Check it out:

This is VOA broadcasting from Tigali, Phillipines in Korean to the "Far East" (you know where they're broadcasting in Korean to, right?) and underneith you can hear the interval signal of another station. Recognize it?

This was at 1500z and here's the map:

Yeah, that's Deuche Welle broadcasting to eastern Africa, but if that's a direct path to me, it's all daylight and there's no way I'd be hearing 'em, so I figure it's long path!

Here's the beam headings for me to Rwanda:

9XRwandaAF67°/247°13089km / 26941km

Here's the headings to Manilla:
DUPhilippinesOC318°/138°13028km / 27002km

So, there's a whole lot going on in that one clip and those signals are traveling a LONG way. All heard with my Icom R75 and INDOOR whip. Simply amazing.

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