Sunday, May 8, 2011

Loggings May 7, 2011

Finally sat down for a few minutes yesterday to check out the bands. The highlight was hearing Sudan on 40 meters. Unfortunately, there was a lot of ham contesting going on which made reception very difficult despite the strong, S9 signal. Will try again this week when the ham activity will be much lower.

FT-767gx + 120 ft inverted L wire up 40ft

May 6, 2011
1555z 11715khz KJES Spanish to Asia Good sig, S9, audio down.
1600z 13640khz s/off of Radio Free Asia from North Mariana Islands in Mandarin
1600z 13760khz China Radio Int. in English from Kashi, China Fair S6 QSB
1605z 13820khz Radio Marti in Spanish from Greenville, NC heavy jamming presumed from Cuba. S9
1610z 13860khz China Radio Int in Russian from Shijiazhuang, China fair S6 with quick polar QSB
1620z 11955khz Trans World Radio - India via Samara, Russia Poor signal S3. 250kw but beaming south, so perhaps hearing it long path? Lots of flutter from going over either north or south pole.
1625z 11815khz Radio Brazil Central fair S4 with Futbol game in Portuguese. 7.5 KW

May 7, 2011
0035z 7270khz Voice of Russia in Russian via Armenia. VG S9+10 with some QRN and QRM.
0040z 7285khz Voice of Russia in Russian via Moldova. VG S9+20 // programming to 7270khz.
0045z 7335khz Vatican Radio in Urdu from Vatican. Good S9, QRN
0045z 7305khz Vatican Radio in Portuguese to SA. VG S9+20db
0050z 7475khz Voice of Greece in Greek. VG Clear freq. S9+20db, only 100kw
0100z 7260khz Voice of Turkey in Turkish. Fair to good with ham QRM. Sun just setting here now.
0105z 7215khz Radio Liberty via German in Kazakh. Good sig S9 but heavy ham QRM (contest weekend)
0110z 7295khz Radio Farda via Germany in Farsi. Good sig S9+10, upbeat USA music.
0400z 7255khz BBC in English via Ascension Island. VG S9+10
0400z 7240khz Deutche Welle via Rwanda in English. VG S9+30db!
0410z 7200khz Sudan RTVC in Arabic via Sudan Tentative d/t heavy ham QRM. Fair S8. That's a new one if true. Will recheck a little later, see if the QRM goes down.

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