Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cuba - Radio Progresso

For those of us in the eastern part of North America, Cuba has got to be the easiest foreign country to log on the medium and shortwaves. Radio Havana Cuba pretty much owns 49 meters at night where you can hear them in English or Spanish on any number of frequencies, especially 6,000khz. In the 60 meter band, they have recently started transmitting on 5,040khz in either Spanish, French, or English. Radio Rebelde, is probably the next easiest Cuban network to hear as they put out a huge signal every night on 5025khz. Here's how they sounded last night:

Radio Reloj is the next most frequently heard network up here in the midwest. On most evenings their "tic-toc' time pips can be heard on 570khz followed by the morse "RR". Easy pickin's.

The next Cuban network, Radio Progresso is a bit tougher since they are only on mediumwave. Under good conditions, they can be found on a number of frequencies. Last night, I found them on 640khz playing the Cuban National Anthem:

That can be a tough path considering all the other stations on the air along the 2500km path.


A complete listing of all the Cuban outlets on medium wave can be found here:

Monitor these channels regularly and see how many you can check off the list!

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